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Gabrielle Ornate


“Ethereal rock you can't shake off"

Fusing modern-age mythology with an ethereal rock edge and classic pop sensibility, Gabrielle Ornate embodies female empowerment and deep introspection. Always with an enchanting message for the subconscious, Gabrielle's unearthly vocal takes command of the maximalist soundscape.


'Remember that name. With luck, we'll be hearing a lot more of it in the future' - Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 6)




Released on Friday 24th May 2024

'Nine Lives' explores the many shades of the human psyche and invites you to metamorphose into the most evolved version of yourself.


'There’s a breakout just waiting to happen here!' - Hardbeat

'A testimony to her versatility and ability to transcend the boundaries of genres' - Roadie Music

'The English songstress is at her artistic peak' - Mesmerized

'Ornate cements her status as an artist to watch' - Tits Upon Tyne

ENCHANTRESS OF SOUND cover art (3000 by 3000).jpg

'An ethereal sound you won’t forget' - MELODIC magazine

'It’s surely only a matter of time before the whole world discovers Gabrielle’s unique sound' - York Calling

'A big, bold and unique song which blew me away so consider me enchanted' - Listen With Monger

'Keep an eye on Gabrielle Ornate – her star is on the rise' - That Chick Krys

Released on Friday 2nd February 2024

'Enchantress of Sound' is a declaration of unapologetic empowerment. Haunting soundscapes seek to entrance you into a state of inescapable rapture. 


'An artist who is unafraid to push the boundaries of genre and create music that truly speaks to the soul' - We Write About Music

'Everything in the song is top-notch' - Sinusoidal Music

'It’s a wonderful mix of the timeless and the modern, with rock sensibilities that will have any head nodding' - York Calling

DELIRIUM (final).jpg

'Gabrielle Ornate defies genre with her unique sound' - From The Strait

'She feels quite unlike anyone else, and her sound feels all the more irresistible for it' - CLOUT

'An artist who knows how to stand out amidst the crowd' - Rock Era Magazine

'Delirium is a spiritual odyssey through your ears, heavenly as it is infectious' - Right Chord Music

Released on Friday 31st maRch 2023

'Delirium' is all about letting go of control and surrendering to a world of pure bliss and uninhibited rapture.


'I couldn't even handle it. It's so good. So good' - BBC Introducing Suffolk

'Turning heads with her fiercely original sound' - Plastic Magazine

'Gabrielle Ornate's unique artistic style and enchanting voice set her apart as a rising star to watch in the indie-rock scene' - Pop Passion Blog

'We’re hooked...' - Send Me Your Ears

'The chorus is the hook of the decade' - Sinusoidal

'The catchiness in her music isn’t a maybe, but at this point a virtual guarantee...' - We Write About Music

PHANTASM cover art (final) (3000 by 3000).jpg

'Haunting and powerful electro-rock anthem, featuring a killer chorus' - Mesmerised

'It’s incredibly catchy, getting stuck inside your head straight away!' - York Calling

Released on Friday 25th NOVEMBER 2022

'Phantasm' is an eclectic fairytale damsel finally putting an end to a karmic curse. Dark meets light in this fierce anthem for female empowerment.



'Infectious from the first second' - The Other Side Reviews


'A truly distinctive take on modern pop rock, oozing with charisma and attitude...' - CLOUT


'Stronger, more confident, and more empowering than ever before - MangoWave

FREE FALLING cover art (3086 by 3086) (NEW) (smaller size).jpg


'Gabrielle Ornate is turning heads yet again' - We Write About Music


'You will be kept coming back for more' - Tongue Tied Magazine


'With every listen you get to peel away another layer!' - Music For The Misfits

Released on Friday 13th may 2022

Make way for my infectious new single, 'Free Falling.' Laden with instrumental ear worms and vocal hooks that stick like glue, heavy guitar riffs lay the foundations of this attitude-filled song.



'To say that I’m head over heels in love with this powerful song is an understatement' - Black On The Canvas


'An incredibly addictive energy' - The Sound Won't Stop

SPIRIT OF THE TIMES cover art (smallest file size).jpg


'Remember that name. With luck, we'll be hearing a lot more of it in the future' - Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 6)


'The riffs are infectious and fill you with energy' - RGM


'Plain and simple, we adore this song' - We Write About Music


'Perfectly defines what an anthem is' - Indie Top 39

Released on Friday 4th February 2022

'Spirit of the Times' is a celestial anthem that shines like a ray of light, uplifting you to forget your worries and get up and dance. Cyclic grooves pound like a pulse, commanded by powerful vocals that you just can’t shake off. Let this track ignite your spirit.


'We think it could be her best track yet' - CLOUT


'Blessed by an incredible creative force' - YMX



'There is a lot to shout out about her and her music' - It's All Indie


'While the melody is infectious in itself, it is the vocals that add an otherworldly feel' - The Other Side Reviews


'Phenomenal and talented songstress' - Music For The Misfits


'Dramatic, colourful and theatrical' - Pillar Artists: Music Radar


'You will love this' - BBC Music Introducing


'Epic production which seems to start off with all the energy in the world. And it ends with even more' - The Bops Collective


'She is certainly one to watch' - Chalkpit


'Her voice rises above the rest of the sound soaring up with such majesty' - Fruit Sonic


'Gabrielle has expertly crafted a dramatic, suspenseful, and downright intoxicating track that we haven’t been able to stop listening to since its official release' - We Write About Music

Released on Friday 26th February 2021

'The March of the Caterpillars' is a fable about respecting one’s roots; blossoming the connection between worlds. As life continually evolves, like how a caterpillar transitions into a butterfly, one must not forget the genesis of their journey.

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Following the leader doesn't make you any taller

Studying the teacher doesn't make you any wiser

Seeking ones salvation is a dated superstition 

Turn of the century antiquities

 Of the human psyche 

Resurrected in the Aquarian age

Recycled by the voices of consumer catnip

Once you're dreaming your forever-after dreams 

Playing a round of all talk, no game

The core essence of child's play

Maybe then we'll crack the circuit of what ifs

And what could have beens



The seven deadly twins

Their seven haunted sins

Thoughts like lava 

Maze in the mind

Drenched in drama

Try as they might 

Lost love for lust

And swallowed their pride 

Forgot about us

And focused on ‘I’

Greed upon gluttony 

Ever-green stricken envy

Wearing the face of freedom but nothing more

An illusory window into the unforgiving soul 

For the world went dim when their fate struck gold 

Remains of the conscious leaving its toll 

Venom made their world go blind 

A ghost town put to rest in silence   

Prying into the molten heart 

This melting pot isn’t a place for sinners 





The tear-stained past is a fragment of yesterday 

Seeping through looks that seek to wear us

Differentiate truth between the cracks 

Of half-cast smiles and widened frowns.


If blessings in disguise are mostly fable

So is right and so is wrong

Guilty pleasures are innocent tortures

To those who deal their virtues.


Turn a page in the story of our world 

Without a trace to miss the boat

Bite the bullet of timelessness

To find a spirit to stand on.

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