Gabrielle Ornate


Musical free-spirit living in the outskirts of a daydream... 

Gabrielle Ornate crafts bohemian pop rock tracks for the modern world. Ethereal lyrics with an empowered edge meet walls of epic synthesisers, adorned with riffing guitar and bass, in a kaleidoscopic sound world.




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Released on Friday 12th November 2021

Waiting to be found


'Will leave you singing along instantly' - CLOUT


'Easily one of the most ethereal summer pop anthems that you will hear this year, or any other year' - A&R Factory


'This tune makes the sun shine bright, even at night time' (MangoWave)


'Gabrielle Ornate is already established as one of the most interesting names in indie pop today' - You! Me! Dancing!

Waiting To Be Found cover art.JPG


'This song is perfect in every sense of the word' - We Write About Music


'A track that is catchy and unique in equal parts' - Xune Mag


'Gabrielle Ornate makes music that will move you...Its heart is the dance floor, but its soul is something a little more cosmic' - Yack Magazine


'The track exudes personality and confidence' -  YMX

Released on Friday 6th August 2021


'An impressive feat that gives us a song that soars' - Music For The Misfits


'Dark and sultry dance pop-rock earworm' - A&R Factory


'Weaving through different genres to create its innovative soundscape' - CLOUT

Waiting To Be Found is the ultimate summer tune. From its anthemic chorus that reaches deep into your soul to its sentimental lyrics that pull at the heartstrings, this song oozes attitude. Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Studios, Waiting To Be Found seeks to find a way into your psyche. 

Rewrite The Rules is a declaration of empowerment. Forever changing the rules of the game by putting a toxic relationship to bed. No longer will she stand for anyone else’s doom and gloom; now she follows her own path. Instrumental earworms go hand in hand with vocal hooks, ready to get stuck in your head for good. 

Do You Feel?

DO YOU FEEL? cover art FINAL.jpg


'"Do You Feel" is up there with the best releases of May' - RGM Magazine


'Instantly becoming a classic from its explosive production...'Do You Feel?' refuses to be left alone' - RGM Magazine


'She's nailed it' - We Write About Music


'This bohemian queen is empowering herself and those who listen to her music' - We Write About Music


'It's just a beautiful track' - VDubRadio


'Excellent, excellent. What a track that is!' - VDubRadio


'She's a brilliant alternative pop artist...creating something that, when you hear it, you will think: "that's Gabrielle Ornate"' - Switch Radio

Released on Friday 21st May 2021

Do You Feel? is an explosion of fiery, analogue energy merged with a myriad of hooky melodies and introspective thoughts. This is a track that isn’t afraid to show you what it’s made of. 



'There is a lot to shout out about her and her music' - It's All Indie


'While the melody is infectious in itself, it is the vocals that add an otherworldly feel' - The Other Side Reviews


'Phenomenal and talented songstress' - Music For The Misfits


'Dramatic, colourful and theatrical' - Pillar Artists: Music Radar


'You will love this' - BBC Music Introducing


'Epic production which seems to start off with all the energy in the world. And it ends with even more' - The Bops Collective


'She is certainly one to watch' - Chalkpit


'Her voice rises above the rest of the sound soaring up with such majesty' - Fruit Sonic


'Gabrielle has expertly crafted a dramatic, suspenseful, and downright intoxicating track that we haven’t been able to stop listening to since its official release' - We Write About Music

Released on Friday 26th February 2021

The March of the Caterpillars is a fable about respecting one’s roots; blossoming the connection between worlds. As life continually evolves, like how a caterpillar transitions into a butterfly, one must not forget the genesis of their journey.

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Following the leader doesn't make you any taller

Studying the teacher doesn't make you any wiser

Seeking ones salvation is a dated superstition 

Turn of the century antiquities

 Of the human psyche 

Resurrected in the Aquarian age

Recycled by the voices of consumer catnip

Once you're dreaming your forever-after dreams 

Playing a round of all talk, no game

The core essence of child's play

Maybe then we'll crack the circuit of what ifs

And what could have beens



The seven deadly twins

Their seven haunted sins

Thoughts like lava 

Maze in the mind

Drenched in drama

Try as they might 

Lost love for lust

And swallowed their pride 

Forgot about us

And focused on ‘I’

Greed upon gluttony 

Ever-green stricken envy

Wearing the face of freedom but nothing more

An illusory window into the unforgiving soul 

For the world went dim when their fate struck gold 

Remains of the conscious leaving its toll 

Venom made their world go blind 

A ghost town put to rest in silence   

Prying into the molten heart 

This melting pot isn’t a place for sinners 





The tear-stained past is a fragment of yesterday 

Seeping through looks that seek to wear us

Differentiate truth between the cracks 

Of half-cast smiles and widened frowns.


If blessings in disguise are mostly fable

So is right and so is wrong

Guilty pleasures are innocent tortures

To those who deal their virtues.


Turn a page in the story of our world 

Without a trace to miss the boat

Bite the bullet of timelessness

To find a spirit to stand on.



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